Fair fashion is more important then ever! I think today it’s important to know where your clothes come from and how they are produced. Over half of my wardrobe is vintage and I try to support smaller fair fashion labels and I’m pro slow fashion! I’m only human so don’t be too hard with me if you spot one of my older not-so-fair-fashion pieces here and there.
My favorite fair fashion labels
Àeron // I Love Mr Mittens // Citizens of Humanity // Bassike // Faithful the brand // Acne Studios // Stella Mccartney // Filippa K // ASOS Green Room // Everlane // Isabel Marant // A.P.C. // Urban Outfitters Vintage // Mansur Gavriel // Ayr // Janessa Leone // The Beach People // Closed // Brandy Melville
My favorite beauty labels
Musq (fantastic products!!) // Khiels // Aesop // Grown Alchemist
Vintage shops
Vestiaire Collective // Videdressing // Rebelle // ebay // The Real Real
More informations
Rank a Brand // Fair Wear Foundation // Ethical Fashion Forum // Clean Clothes // Codecheck App // Who is really paying for your cheap clothes?

  • Elena

    Hi Mija, love your style and blog! Just wanted to let you know that I’m not sure COS can be considered a fair fashion label. Besides the fact that COS is part of the H&M group (questionable), the label has no indicators as to fair conditions of production or the likewise. Just thought I’d let you know since I have been looking into fair fashion labels for a while now. All the best xx Elena

  • http://www.mijaflatau.com Mija

    Hey Elena,
    thank you for your message! I thought I read something a while ago that COS is producing fair now but can’t find the article atm. Have to check that! Thanks anyway for the heads up. xx

  • Eva

    Hi Mija, I enjoy your aestethics and style just as much as every one! Like Elena some months ago I´d like to point out that I am not sure about your list of fair fashion labels provided in this post. Just one example is Isabel Marant. As beautiful as Marants looks are, the brand is far from being fair fashion (german link: https://rankabrand.de/luxusmode/Isabel+Marant ). I am not sure about Brandy Melville being fair either. Sure enough, buying second hand and vintage is a solution, but this doesn`t make these brands fair fashion brand per se.
    Also, after your latest collab with certified organic cosmetic label WELEDA where you stated that you`d “always go for natural ingredients when it comes to cosmetics” , I wanted to let you know that neither Kiehls nor Aesop are natural cometic brands. They may be so called “close to nature” (for what its worth) but neither all natural nor organic (simple google search supports that notion).
    Kind regards, E

  • http://www.graciousstore.com/ Gracious Store

    Do you really do where all the articles you wear come from?