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Fashionable food

Fashionable food


June 12, 2014

BEFORE THE CLEANSE     try to eat as healthy as possible. No animal protein while and before the cleanse
1. DAY       6 juices each day – puh the first nip was ok but as I’ve never tried a green juice (I always go for the pink ones ha) I need to get used to it.
2. DAY       I ate some strawberries & berries for lunch as well and I was tired in the afternoon but the white juice keeps you awake. 
3. DAY       pinapples & berries for breakfast + juice.  My stomach is flatter now – overall a good day but I was happy when it was over haha. 
I always wanted to try a juice cleanse and as my Cali holidays are right around the corner I thought this might be the perfect time to try the Frank Juice cleanse. BUT I decided to eat fruits as well.
Resume: After the 3 days I felt fitter & awake. The second day was kind of taff but when you feel AND SEE the results, you can’t stop.
So and now I’m off to Cali …   
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Fashionable food


July 26, 2013

     Brew a pot of coffee
     transfer the hot coffee into a carafe
     let the coffee stand in the room until it’s cooled down
     fill a glass with icecubes and pour the coffee in the glass (add milk / sugar if you like)
Woah. This heatwave is killing me. Here is the recipe for one of my fave refresher…
P.S. you can get the paperstraws here and the Mason jars here.